“Africa wake up from false pastor’s mind diversion games and western culture” – P.L.O Lumumba

Man; the justice of life is inescapable.

What is the future of the African Continent going to be like? What is the fate of our children, the unborn and generations to come if we have to sit and watch things go wrong without any struggle for changes? This task has to begin now, at least if not for us, for the future of our great continent Africa, for the future of our children, the unborn and the generations to come.

Somebody asked me what we came to this world to do and I told him that we did not come here to prepare to go to ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’; rather to make this world a better place for our children, the unborn and the generations to come so that they will find a better dwelling place and in doing so we would truly find the purpose why we came here on earth. People like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Ken Sarowiwa and many others sacrificed their lives and freedom for others; they lived their lives servicing humanity.

We breed multiple children everyday yet we find no need to struggle for the future of those children and generations to come as those noble men did. People like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell and many others sacrificed their times for the good of humanity. Why can’t we copy from those people instead of copying same sex marriage and ‘coconut syndrome’?

This is a wake up time, Arise Africans; take up the helmet as a symbol of wisdom. Begin to emulate the thinking of great sons of Africa like Phillip Emeagwali the computer genius. Begin to think creatively like Europeans and not Just copy only their behaviours (mostly the vain ones).

Begin to copy technology and science in its true context and not same sex marriage. I think that 90% of Africans are under a deep mental siege and hence are deeply asleep. 9% who think that they are awake but are also asleep hence fooling the 90% who are sleeping deeply. These are the ones that I call mercenaries of mental slavery. Though they know just a minute working of the human mind, the problem is that they are taking advantage of others with the little knowledge they have.

They are the mercenaries of mental slavery, hypocrites, fanatics, false prophets etc. They are not sure of what they are telling the people and they convince the people to believe in what they truly do not understand fully just for the sake of money. We wonder how a sheep can lead a sheep. How a cow can lead a cow. How a blind man can lead a blind man.

Wake up Africa. Behold, the only thing that can never change in life is change Itself. Some people are seriously seeking the truth and to unravel their missions in life, but they have been misled by teachings from mercenaries of mental slavery; whose voices are louder, spreading imported doctrines which they have not taken serious time and efforts to understand fully just for the sake of money. Because of the quest for money, fame, power and material gains, they are disseminating doctrines in a way and manner that impairs reasoning, doctrines that say ‘do not ask questions or else God will punish you’. These people sell ‘God’ and beliefs for money; they sell dreams, trying to awaken others while they are not truly awake.

They feed the minds of the people with stories of the past which do not add values to their present lives. Stories about the lives and history of others and not that of our African ancestors; information that cannot be substantiated scientifically or by any other means apart from words of mouth and books about the lives of others that it now looks like 419 tricks.

They disseminate expired stories and information which the originators have discarded long ago, binding the minds of the people with so many fears, fear of the unknown; fear of the afterlife; fear of death; fear of nonexistent spirits and demons; fear of the anti-Christ, Satan, Lucifer, hell, beast; marks of the beast, ‘666’ marks etc. Many fears that cannot be proven in any practical ways to exist. Some ‘living churches’ found mostly in America and Nigeria has practically become banks and party grounds.

Their pastors have become Christ himself but this time around, a different type of Christ because the true Christ that we were told of in the Bible neittlite flew private Jets nor drove limousines; never slept with his female admirers; neyg t performed prearranged illusions with his friends acting as blind, deaf, dumb and crippled people, never assassinated competitors, never fought over church collections; never dressed as an oppressor, never contested for the presidency of Israel just as most Nigerian church pastors are contesting for presidency, never used occult tools . (Very few churches in Africa are carrying out genuine spiritual works according to the teachings of Christ and those few have no worries with the works of Mohammed, Mahatma Gandhi and other great religious leaders and from the ways and manner the leaders of those churches behave you will know that they are not deceiving the masses but most churches today are run by ex-thieves and ex-conmen)

`I once told a friend that if someone wakes up in the morning and decides to commit suicide, at least there is a personal decision to do that though a negative one and if he succeeds then that was his decision but in our case, Africans are moving towards a suicide direction which we have not chosen for ourselves; a direction which the wicked world has designed for us.’

This direction is leading us to nowhere but to utter destruction and today this direction is led by fellow Africans who are used as tools of mental slavery and religious diversion. I call them chimps because they are not acting like human beings with minds of real human beings. They drive the best of cars, fly private jets, wear the best of clothes and live in the best of houses, use sophisticated scientific gadgets in their luxurious churches and houses while still telling their blindfolded members to keep digging the sky with their mind for ‘heaven’ and forget this earth and the scientific process that is giving birth to everything that we know on earth today that is not of nature.

I tell them that as many souls of African children that they divert their minds to nowhere and turn them nuts everyday, so also is the number of curses that will be upon them from the spirit of our great continent Africa. The pilots of these doctrines do not give a horse shoe about both the physical and mental needs of the people; rather all they want is money. In reality, if the heaven they preach does really exist and is up in the sky as they say, why then are they amassing so much wealth that we do not know if they shall migrate to heaven with them. They even acquire private Jets that I wonder If they shall be flown to heaven with those jets when they die.

The average African has failed to ask himself the kind of heaven Europeans designed for them with religious books and religious institutions. The only world they know, they are being displaced everyday by the same people that gave them religious books at gun point.

If such a heaven do really exist, Africans will not be allowed in there. Europeans and Asians will fight to occupy all the spaces therein. Why do we think that HIV and Aids cannot be eradicated from Africa? Who thinks that the world will open the gate of heaven widely for us if there are so many good things in that glorious place called heaven, when in the only world we know we are systematically being eliminated.

We are systematically being reduced to the status of lesser humans yet no one sees this. Africans have turned deaf ears to words of wisdom. Africans have closed their eyes to reality. When a man finds you unfit in the only world you know, what makes you think that he would freely give you a key to heaven. Any religion that tells you not to think or ask questions, please when you run, be like the biblical wife of Lot, never look back or you will turn into a pillar of salt (lies). Any religion which tells you to be poor on earth and be rich when you get to heaven please run away from it; for it is total mental slavery.

Any religion which gives you hopes only when you are dead, please run away from it for they are agents of mental slavery and dominance. Any religion that claims that material gains are evil when all the tools they use to function are material, please run away from it for it is mental slavery. Any religion that is introduced with a gun and a book, scrutinize that religion and know what it intends to achieve.

Religion is perfectly healthy when properly administered by well trained minds who try well enough to distinguish between allegories and literal statements and also make their followers understand differences. False religion, I say no, run and run as far as possible for it is one of greatest tools of mental slavery. I tell you today, the reason why the African continence t not fully developed up until now is mental slavery and this is caused primarily by false religion, strange traditions, bizarre cultural practices and faulty education systems.

It matters not what you are told, the universal laws which say and I quote ‘love one another, do unto others as you would have them do unto you; whatever you sow, that you shall reap’. When you know these laws and abide by them everyday, you will not need to occupy your mind with stories of the past which inventors have discarded long ago. Endeavor to occupy your mind with a greater mission ahead, which is the mission of the development of our great continent Africa. When you read the Bible and other religious books, please endeavor to pay more attention to the wisdom therein for motivation, spiritual guidance and empowerment.

Avoid stories, miracles and heaven crave. I must emphasize also that few Africans are truly awake, but their voices are not heard or I put it that they are afraid to speak out for the fear of being persecuted since true prophets are persecuted by their own people whose minds have been biased and in some cases by their brothers (traitors) who have been paid like the Judas story of the Bible. Also sometimes when prophets speak, fellow Africans think that they are either crazy or have gone nuts. We would rather prefer to pay attention to those who are lying to us; those who may be turning us nuts with or without knowing what they are doing; we prefer illusions.

We will not want to listen to those telling us the truth out of genuine concern. A friend of mine at a point owned up that it was too late for him to live in reality. Look at the world of today, if humans feel anything for their fellow humans; if humans could learn to treat others the same way and manner they wish to be treated, then there will never be wars; there will never be crime; there will never be strange diseases spreading around; there will never be hate and disunity; there will never be religious diversions, illusions and fantasies and there will never be all sorts of negative existence and emotions.


There would never be people exploiting the happiness of others; th would never be deceit; there will never be psychic vampires who live by sucking away positive energy happiness of others. Today Africans must know that the world his t transformed Into a dog-eat-dog world hence it is time that we stop acting like little children wearing diapers and stand up, think and act like Europeans and Asians.

The Chinese, Indians and Japanese have proven a point that all humans are born equal, they have emulated Europeans, Americans and Jews and now they have gained respect. It is only Africans that have decided to be backward. We must today begin to create like others; we must learn to copy from others what makes them strong and stop copying their weaknesses. At least we must look up to people like Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Phillip Emeagwali, Mandela, Malcolm X and many others to see that these men ignored European weaknesses and copied their strengths.

If we have up to 1000 of such men in Africa, then think of what the African future would be like. The fact is that Africans would prefer to copy same sex marriage, drug abuse, women abuse, ‘coconut’ syndrome, crime, false living and many negative attributes. We live in a world where men deceive others everyday just to make a living. Men crave hearing that their sins become forgiven when they pray to God hence false religious war lords feed their minds with what they crave to hear.

These mercenaries of mental slavery sell forgiveness to them. Men want to believe that their crimes and wickedness become obliterated as soon as they kneel down and pray to ‘God’, after which they go about committing atrocities again and also ask for forgiveness that sometimes I begin to wonder who this God that forgives them all the time is.

Who is this ‘God’ that armed robbers pray to before embarking on their wicked expeditions; who is this ‘God’ that 419 men call upon to bring ‘mugu’; who is this `God’ that American soldiers pray to before attacking people in Iraq; who is this ‘God’ that suicide bombers pray to before sacrificing their precious lives for nothing; who is this ‘God’ that allowed lunatics, chronic alcoholics and drug abusers to divert aircrafts into the beautiful twin towers in America killing more than 5000 innocent people, including women and children. I begin to wonder if it has become a daily routine that the Universal God’s work would be to sit and wait for people to commit all sons of camages and come knocking at his door for their atrocities to be obliterated. Only a fool thinks that the Universal God, reasons like us humans.

The universal God is perfect in his justice system. The reactions of a person’s actions always follow him like a shadow; you can never run away from it. If you do well you will reap good. If you do evil you will reap evil. Thinking that the universal God forgives your evil deeds is ridiculous because even laws made by Man have no provisions for forgiveness, let alone laws that are perfect, divine, universal and Impersonal.

For those given hopes of a better place to go when they die, you had better start thinking to make your lives better here; at least you have to start from the known to the unknown. Those hopes render you inactive, lazy and idle and unable to effect changes in your lives and immediate environments. Wake up today, align your self with the right teachings, and learn to live in reality. When you visit religious institutions, remember to ask questions regarding teachings which you do not understand fully and ensure that you are not brainwashed, rather be provided satisfactory answers to your yearnings.

Do not be deceived, neither should you allow an illusion filled environment to confuse you. Know today that the road to awakening and self realization Is a very narrow one but must be followed. The first step is to learn to live in reality and purge your mind of all beliefs that you cannot prove; beliefs that you cannot independently prove one way or the other even non-scientifically without a third party, without stories and history of others.

Begin to awaken your thinking faculty as all powers exist within. If one could be sincere to himself, everything around you; things you crave; things that make life worth living today are either created by the Universal God or a man like us, man with the same mind and body; a man with the same brain function as us. The question is why we continue to depend on the creations of others all the time, when we could actually create or are we lower humans. Why can’t we let others depend on our creations the same way we depend on theirs.

Act Why can’t it be a two way process. Why would Africa be such a big market for jl t inventions of others when children of Africa are born in the same manner as others? y can’t we create and sell to the world. The only thing that may explain this is that either we are inferior to others or we are deeply asleep. I would choose the later for I am not inferior to any one and I am also soundly awake. Behold the wake up time. Arise Africa for this is the time.

Man has visited the moon and is venturing other planets; broken the atoms; driven on land, sailed on seas and deep seas; discovered the life of metal — electricity and many more wonders. Humans like us have advanced virtually in all fields of life, but all Africans do everyday is program their minds with inferior and expired information that lead us to the direction opposite where others are heading to.

Information we have been receiving since childhood and for the past centuries; information which provides us hopes only when we are dead; information that cannot bring solutions to hunger and starvation; information that cannot provide us direct cure for HIV and other diseases; information that cannot bring civilization and development; information that blacklist science and technology as evil and occult practices, yet everyone makes use of the fruits of science and technology; information that tells you that those who meditate are practicing occultism; information that clearly blacklists any other information as being evil, bad or wrong.

Information you must believe 100% without asking questions or else ‘God will kill you’. Information that results in chronic mental slavery; fear based information; information that can brain wash you and leave you a moron; information which promotes laziness and lack of creativity; information intended to slow people down mentally; teachings which teachers do not practice; information that is not even controlling crime anymore; information that makes you a ‘good’ person while the people who created such information are plundering your resources every now and then. A reasonable man should be able to measure his success in respect of numerous religious stories he has been hearing since childhood.

A man boldly went on TV and told was blindfolded members that a TV is a devil’s box and that members should discard the TV sets. The members went ahead and discarded their TV but never asked how the leader communicated with them; of course the leader communicated with them via TV.

I ask also is the time when we expose our children to all sorts of abusive behaviours; it is also the time when we fight with our wives and husbands in the presence of our children. For the future of Africa, we must begin to question everything today. Let us begin to question all our beliefs and all that we ‘install’ in our minds. Let us ‘reformat’ our minds and free reasonable space for valuable information and not the ones designed to deceive people causing mind diversion; let us begin to copy science and technology in their true contexts.

Let it be known to all Africans that mind is the power house of the body and that the human mind is the home of thoughts and thoughts give birth to ideas and ideas result in the physical manifestations by application of rightful actions and a man becomes what he thinks. We crave to believe that when we die there is another place where we shall be conscious of and I have nothing wrong with that except that it has not been proven but what has been proven is that when we die our dead bodies go back to earth but our children remain behind.

We accept doctrines that bear no proof so long as they are in line with what we want to think and hear. We fall to accept the reality of death which is even more certain than the birth of a person. Everyman shall depart from this earth someday. The question is what we will leave behind for our children and generations to come. What will be the legacy? Will it be xenophobia and tribalism? Will it be ritual killings and secret cultism?

Will it be faulty leadership and wolves in power that loot national funds and hide them in Swiss banks accounts, funds that end up being confiscated when they die or end up in the hand of their unproductive children? Is it prostitution and same sex marriages? Will it be terrorism? Will it be alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sex abuse, life abuse, women abuse, child abuse and time abuse? Will it be lack of creativity?

Will it be foolishness and ignorance? Will it be illiteracy? Will it be mental slavery? Will it be spinelessness and narrow-mindedness? What will the legacy be?
Today Africans must know that we are here on earth to perform our constructive duties and when we pass on; we leave a legacy for those who shall leave after us. If we live dili entire lives on this planet achieving nothing, then we have lived our lives not better than other lower animals, after all average animals In the wild feed, breed, excrete, breast feed

Finally let me take this chance to task every black man and woman outside there to focus on learning how to do things right and not wait unto their faith.
P.L.O Lumumba
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