Bad Black’s Phones Confiscated At Kibuli Police

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimba alias Bad Black has been under Police watch in the last few days as she is being investigated on cases related to misuse of social media and disturbing the President’s peace.

She allegedly committed these crimes in August last year while she was in Dubai. She claims she was paid by People Power leaders to abuse the President.

The former jail bird who was released on Police bond says her phones were retained by the Police.

“They have remained with my phone for three days as they conduct investigations. I am willing to go to court. I didn’t mention the President’s name in that video. I just said Mzee  and that is all. I am not into politics. Anyone who wants to get me involved in Politics, I am not interested. I just do what makes me happy on social media. I know this will end,” Bad Black said.

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