Balaam And Jose Chameleon’s Beef grows more Horns and Bitter

While Performing at his legendary Saba Saba Concert staged in lugogo over the past two weeks,singer Jose Chameleone  embarrassed State Chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa by grabbing a microphone from her during ‘Legend Saba Saba’ concert at Cricket Oval, Lugogo.


According information we were able to retrieve from Balaam he say he had invited Nankabirwa to launch his new Radio 4 FM based in Ntinda.


Balaam was not impressed by his actions, vowed not to work with him again.


He has since replaced Chameleone with Sheebah Karungi at all his shows.



In response to this move by Balaam,  Chameleone took to one of his social media platforms to fire back at the celebrated music promoter.


He posted, “I wish people knew what a busy season I have. I am fully booked till June so one brick off is not felt,” Chameleone indirectly threw jibes at Balaam.

Punishment:”Balaam orders Chameleon to sing from midnight till 6:00am for grabbing microphone from Nankabirwa”


It should be remembered that Chameleone also missed out on Ugx 30m from the minister at his show.


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