Bebe Cool Offers 1000 Dollars For Anyone who can write 500 words composition about this two pictures

After fleeing from bottles the last time he performed at Bell Jamz Concert in Lugogo, Gagamel Boss seems to be highly gearing up for his anual Tondeka Ekiwatule concert.

As the preparations go on, the Gagamel boss has staked an offer of 1000 US Dollars for any one who can write a 500 words composition giving comparison between the two pictures of him taken in 1994 and 2018 respectively.

He posted on his social media following as written below.


This is Bebe Cool then and now.They say pictures tell a lot and these two pictures,one taken in 1994 and the other taken in 2018 have a lot to say about me.
Describe my life story in a short t comment(Not more than 500 words) and you win 1k dollars(3.7M Ugsh) on boxing day. #DEC_26_TONDEKA_EKIWATULE_MUTIMA_GWA_ZABU.In your shot story,include what you think you may learn from the two pictures.

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