Bebe Cool set to resume Public Performances after Bottle Throwing Scenario

Musician Bebe Cool returned back to Uganda on Monday afternoon after  along holiday of staying in USA for 3 months. Bebe Cool took this decision after the fateful throwing of bottles targeting him at the concluded Bell Jamz Country wide final tour concert at Lugogo.


The ‘Wasibuuka Wa’ singer is set to resume public appearances for the very first time after suspending his performances in August this year.


He will entertain his fans at his annual show ‘Tondeka Ekiwatule’ on 26th December this year. Bebe Cool confirmed this on his arrival at the airport as he spoke to one of the local TV stations.


While in USA, Bebe Cool filmed a number of videos and he has so far released one, ‘Wasibuuka Wa’ that has received a warm reception from the fans. Many have branded it the video of the year

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