Bebe Cool:”Let’s appreciate the little we have,Don’t take life for granted”

Two Weeks ago Musician Bebe Cool flew out of the country to attend the UN High level meeting geared to create awareness about Tuberculosis.His appearance there was significant as he aired some pertinent issues on how Uganda can be helped in the fight against TB.


After the event, Bebe Cool visited his mother in Boston and said he was eager to see her, and bask in her motherly love. He said he had been missing her.The two went to worship together in a Christian church and Bebe Cool, who is a moslem had no problem worshiping in a Christian church.


However Bebe Cool has once in  a while spread out some senseful advice to his Ugandan brothers and sisters

“Despite being a Moslem,went to say thanks to the Lord in my mother’s st Paul church in Boston today. We tend to take life for granted, concentrate on demanding for more forgetting to appreciate the little we have,” he wrote on his social pages.


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