BebeCool:”I was aware that a group of about 200 people was paid to attack Bebe Cool, I was prepared”

As we witnessed On Friday last week, Bebe Cool’s performance at the Swangz All-Star Concert was cut short by the #FreeBobiWine cult in a violent manner.

Current news reaching our desk indicates that Bebe Cool was not surprised by the attacks because he knew about them, and he was well prepared for them.

In an audio recording our snoops landed on, Bebe Cool claims he had prior information that a group of hooligans had been paid to attack him as soon as he stepped on stage.

“I was aware that a group of about 200 hooligans was paid to attack Bebe Cool. I was prepared and told my team not intervene in case the attack happened. I wanted to show the world who Bebe Cool is,” the “Big size” hitmaker claimed.

This was the second time Bebe Cool’s performance was interrupted by the #FreeBobiWine cult. He was previously booed  at Club Ambiance.

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