Beware:”Dangerous side effects of bum and Hip enlargement pills, creams and implants”

While many women today  seem to focus on butt and breast enlargement and its effects, studies have revealed that butt enlargement, usually through surgery ,creams  and pills , is as risky as the former.

In fact, a report by Mail Online showed that at least 150 women have died from butt implants between 2011 and 2015, and a 45-year-old Venezuelan woman who also underwent the surgery said, “It hurts so much I can’t sit down for even five minutes.”

And it should be noted that inability to sit down, owing to severe pains, is one of the complications such women have to live with.

Unlike the breast enlargement procedure, the synthetic substance injected into the butt(buttocks) has been found to be unstable and could move to any part of the body, which could result in deformity or even death, as it could find its way to the lungs hence blocking blood flow to and from the lungs which is one of the most important organs that keeps us breathing and alive.

A 25-year-old lady, Janelle Edwards, died in 2016 after her failed plastic surgery implant . New York Daily News had reported that Edwards, a mother of two daughters, lived in a lot of pains. It was later found out that she died as a result of blood clot, which was caused by the surgeries she had recently undergone trying to get much more bigger bums and hips.

Her sister, Samantha, was reported to have said that the operations – breast enlargement, a tummy tuck and butt implants, which she did at Dominican Republic killed her. One of her neighbours was also quoted as saying the deceased was in pains even before she died.

A consultant endocrinologist, Dr. Michael Olamoyegun, stressed that though people do it for fashion and to look sexier, there are “so many” risks associated with it.

He also noted that the complications are usually more with the butt enlargement than breasts enlargement, because the implants, creams and pills come with much more concetrated elements for making the butt bigger.


He identified the associated risks to include the risk of the surgery itself, blood flow blockage, implant bust after a certain amount of time, the risk of the anaesthesia because such persons would be placed under general or regional anaesthesia. He said each surgery has its own inherent complications, coupled with the risk of the implant itself.

He added, “The major complications associated with it include haemorrhage (bleeding) during surgery, there can be infections, the implant being inserted into the body is a foreign material to the body, so it can cause allergy as well as attract infection. So, some people can react to the implant; it’s usually a synthetic material which if not matching with your body blood stereo will eventually lead to cancer that’s not curable.

“There can be rejection of the implant by the body, but the most feared complication is the rupture of that implant. Once it ruptures, it causes ulceration, which can lead to necrosis, in which case the blood supply to that region could be cut off.”

Necrosis is the death of most or all of the cells in an organ or tissue due to disease, injury, or failure of blood supply.

He further adds that after along period of time approximately 5 and above years the victim has higher chances of developing an incurable cancer that is associated with lots of pain and suffering.

He said the complications apply to both breasts and butt implant “but the ulceration could be more for butt implant, because the size of the implant put in the butt is bigger than the one in the breasts. So, the failure is higher in the butt than in the breasts. The same thing with the ulceration and necrosis.”

It is equally worthy of note that not every man loves ‘them’ big, and as previously advised by marriage counsellors, sex therapists and psychologists, people do not have to go for organ enlargement to have a satisfactory sexual experience. Rather, they advised that couples should make the most of what they have, especially by communicating intimately with their partners.

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