Bobi Wine: I will implement Museveni’s 10-point programme

Are you going to run in 2021 elections?
First of all, we are expecting elections and if it was business as usual, President Museveni would be expected to rig using the military. However, our entry as young people of Uganda is a breath of fresh air because we are the majority; 85 per cent of the population.

And that is not enough, the elders are with us and, indeed, the people of Uganda are more united than ever before. So yes, I have said it before, and I have to say it now, that my team and I are seriously considering challenging President Museveni in the next presidential election and that’s still two years away.

That is considering, you haven’t decided definitely…
We are yet to arrive at the final decision. We are trying to build synergies. We are bringing together all forces of change so that we go into the race when we are more united than ever before. Yes, we have spoken and we are many contenders. Anyone among us will be chosen and blessed to lead us. And I am saying it that should the team choose me to lead them, I am equally ready to challenge the guy (Mr Museveni).

Some critics say you may be the face of the youth and that you may be popular because of your music career. What specifically do you want to change in Uganda? What policies would you implement if you get into that position? 
It should be known that Uganda is not short of amazing policies. We have had very many propositions that have been very well-researched intelligently thought through and presented. However, because of the rampant corruption, and the lack of the rule of law, none of them have been implemented. Our policy is implementation, even if we implemented the 10-point programme that Museveni was singing 33 years ago, we would be ahead.

Yes, we have had very many programmes, the Vision 2040, and many others, that have been presented and shelved. They are not implemented because of the rampant corruption. And most of the corruption scandals are traced back to the President’s Office, to his family members and cronies. So, our main target is implementing the policies and programmes that have been suggested in the past.

And were you surprised by the size of your following when you entered politics?
Well I wasn’t surprised, because of the many years I have spent as a singer. I have been reaching the common people and the sentiment has been the same; change, change, change!! Only that many of the politicians that have been presenting themselves, many have been bought off, and other intimidated, but also many of them have been comfortable with only elevating their positions in the dictatorship, not looking at putting an end to it.
To see many people coming up, and others agreeing with us, is a reflection of what has been building up in the population.

So you have been following what’s going on in [The Republic of ] Sudan. Do you think that in any way, it is going to boost your efforts to bring about change by appealing to the populace? When people look across the border, there are continuing problems, but that one point could have been completely unimaginable that Omar Al Bashir was forced out. Does that feed into your aspirations for what you want to see in Uganda?
The recent events in Khartoum certainly feed into the events that are occurring and are likely to occur in Uganda in the near future. And not only in Sudan, dictators have been kicked away. In the recent past, you have seen what happened in Algeria and Libya. And indeed, Burkina Faso.

It shows you that people in Africa are standing up to dictatorships. It should be remembered that Bashir was a more vicious dictator, had a bigger army and more sophisticated than Museveni.
He was a field marshal in the army but he was kicked away by people power. So that inspires us to believe more and push for the liberation of our country.

You have had a lot of trouble in terms of performing. I think it is 120 concerts that have been cancelled over the last two years. Bearing the size of your political ambitions. Is it still worth it to perform as a musician? 
Well, I am a musician. I am only here because I am a Ugandan. It is my responsibility. I have been blessed with a loud voice that can communicate to people of all classes and all walks of life.
So I am trying to use it, the same I am encouraging the doctors, farmers and teachers to use all they have to see that we liberate our country.

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