Bobi Wine Is Just An Attention Seeker, His Boat Didn’t Save Anyone – Bucha Man Blasts Former Boss

Former singing partner who also doubled as the vice president of Firebase crew back then Buchaman has come out to criticize the media for glorifying Bobi Wine in the rescue mission during the tragic Lake victoria accident yet he doesn’t see any work Bobi Wine is doing to help the nation and the people of Uganda.

The “Abakyala tebamatira” hit maker is very convinced that Bobi Wine is paying bloggers and media to spread false news that he is an influential person helping the people of Uganda yet he only looks at uplifting his name.

“I know Bobi Wine, he will do anything to stay relevant, I was reading fake stories that his boats rescued Ugandans from the lake yet that’s a lie, I want someone to upload a photo of Bobi Wine’s boat at that venue, Those stories are fabricated” said Buchaman.



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