“Bobi wine is M7’s true successor but he just needs to stay stronger”-Tamale Mirundi

Presidential media adviser Joseph Tamale Mirundi said that he has hope that Bobi wine will be president Museveni’s political descendant because he has the potential to become a president.

However Tamale noted that Bobi wine needs to stay stronger because the situation he is experiencing currently cannot stop as he may think.

Tamale Mirundi said this when he was hosted at his weekly radio program and stated some reasons as to why Bobbi wine can become president Museveni’s descendant.

One of the reasons was that stronger presidents always get weak presidents as their successors.

He gave examples of former Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta who was strong and he was descended by Daniel Arap Moi, former Zambian president Kenneth Kawunda who was also strong and was replaced by Fredrick Chiluba.

He emphasized that Bobi wine should be strong because the ruling government cannot live him freely and the struggle cannot be light.


Mirundi also warned politicians that have already started campaigns of 2021 elections before the electoral commission announced the campaigns otherwise they should be ready for what next

About the blockage of Bobi wine’s music concerts, Mirundi said that it was Bobi wine’s faults to show that he was ready to challenge president Museveni.

About Bebe Cool and Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s war Mirundi said that Besigye had to intervene because Bobi wine torture has led to the fall of Besigye and his colleagues like Mugisha Muntu

He also said that he doesn’t know whether Bobi wine knows what his torture has caused him because people see him as the most powerful politician on ground as of now.

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