Breaking:”Kayihura’s blue eyed boys Anguma,Ndahura and Muhangi set to be released on bail”

Reports coming in through our desk have indicated that embattled former Kayihura loyals who worked for him at all conditions are set to be released on bail.

“ACP Muhangi, Col. Ndahura and Joel Anguma to be released on Bail” the sources revealed.

The Army Court will in the coming weeks release on Bail Former Flying Squad Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Herbert Muhangi on medical grounds. Col. Ndahura Atwooki the former head of crime intelligence in Uganda Police will also be released on the same Grounds.

The two Officers are believed to have participated in illegal repatriation of Refugees to Rwanda although they joined the trade at its later stages. Their medical condition during detention at the Military Prison has been very bad and the Army is expected to raise no objection to the Bail application.

Although the two have not yet been charged with espionage and treason, the army’s likely add these charges to their files if the army’s doesn’t received the expect cooperation.

Joel Anguma will also be released on compassionate grounds, it’s not clear why Joel will get bail since he is known by many as one of those officers that played a big role.

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Nixon Asigirwe and Kitata are not anywhere close to being released, these two will be prosecuted while in army custody for their role in murders and robberies committed in Kampala, the roles in organizing crime and their roles repatriating refugees.

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