Breaking:”Soldier who was pictured with Bobi wine most likely to face treason charges”

Yesterday at Buganda kingdom’s annual fete presided by his highness Kabaka Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II a updf soldier was pictured having some fun and joy while he conversed and greeted Bobi wine.

However as we all know that associating with your boss’s(museveni) rival is a skeptical and vigorous act one can ever do, current information reaching our desk indicates that the UPDF soldier who was pictured having a great and brilliant conversation with Kyandodo east member of parliament Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi  aka Bobi wine could face arrest and be produced before the army court martial for trial over a case we really don’t understand.

At a personal level I felt everyone had a right to associate with whomever he or she desires but since we are caught up in vice versa rule it’s hard to express yourself and survive this kind of regime.

Keep alert as our reporters are trying to get their way in to the military placement centre where the soldier is attached to and resides  for much more  details concerning this story.

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