Business:”Shudir’s 32BN Rent Appeal Lawyers Lured to Back BOU and DFCU”

It’s only in Uganda where a Lawyer takes on another client against his former client in a conflicting matter.

These are not small law firms but MAKKS and SEBALU AND LULE ASSICIATES. These two law firms cannot represent any other client against Sudhir especially on matters that involving banking.

This is common sense that a judge will remove them from such a case, at one point I shared a lawyer with my partner, we got differences and I asked the lawyer to represent me, she refused to take my instructions on the basis that she had been a lawyer to both parties. This lawyer is in Europe, her explanation to me was clear that in Europe is actually not acceptable and show clear dishonesty of a lawyer.

Back to Uganda

It appears these two big law firms have no loyalty to their clients, how quickly they both crossed to Back of Uganda and DFCU from Sudhir is a sign that they are in this for purely money, assuming they already had BOU and DFCU as their clients then they should step aside in matters regarding Sudhir.

Above is my opinion on a court matter in which Sudhir’s MIL (Mera Investments Ltd) is demanding rent from DFCU that took over Crane Bank, apparently Crane Bank Limited was renting most of its buildings from Sudhir.

Sebalu & Lule advocates were representing Sudhir at the time and the same law firm was used to draft rental agreements for tenants. It’s the same Law firm now representing DFCU and challenging the Rent.

My Question: Did Sudhir Commit a Crime in Renting out his Buildings to his Bank?

A quick answer; I don’t think there is a law that prevents him from renting out his buildings to his other businesses, let’s look at it this way both businesses have different shareholders.

We can maybe argue that Sudhir Used bank money to construct these buildings therefore they should belong to the bank not him, this argument can only be valid if we know that the source of this money was the bank and that it was taken out fraudulently, but since no court has ruled on this and there is no such evidence from BOU or DFCU then, then man is entitled to his rent, then we can rightly believe he used his money to put up these buildings therefore has the right to get paid for them.

Another Question, can the owner of a bank take out a loan from the bank?
In my opinion yes, provided he follows the right procedures of taking out this loan.


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