Cindy To Sheebah: You Won’t Succeed Under My Pressure, Just Relax

After the music battle between Cindy and Sheebah failing to mature, the two went for  a battle of insults. Cindy called Sheebah a dummy after Sheebah had launched an attack reminding her that she has not yet built a house despite being in the music industry for long.

And few days ago, the battle went musical. Cindy released a song titled, copycat attacking Sheebah and in response, she released 2 songs attacking Cindy titled “Kimansulo” and “jealousy”.

However, Sheebah’s songs have received a lot of criticism from the fans because they are apparently below average and premature.

Cindy through her social media accounts has advised Sheebah to relax because she will not do anything productive under pressure.


“Anything done under my pressure never comes out well. Relax for now. Live life,” Cindy posted.

Many music critics say this music battle might bury Sheebah’s career


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