City Journalists,NBS Journalists Inclusive Sue UCC,Government Over The Effected Social Media OTT Tax

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While conducting a meeting at their offices at Cyber Law initiative Limited A group of six city journalists, an NBS television journalist inclusive  have expressed their dissatisfaction over the newly effected social media tax.
The group has  sued government for imposing a tax on social media.The daily 200/=  tax on social media users that was recently passed by parliament was effected on Saturday July,1 at the start of the 2018/2019 financial year causing uproar among the public.
The group comprising of  Raymond Mujuni,a journalist,Daniel Bill Opio,Emmanuel Okiror,Moses Baguma,Silver Kayondo,a lawyer today at the Cyber Law Initiative Limited petitioned the Constitutional Court in Kampala over the new tax suing the Attorney General,Uganda Communications Commission and Uganda Revenue Authority.
In their petition,the group says they are avid social media owners arguing that section 3(b) and 6(c) of the Excise Duty Act which imposes a shs200 tax per day contravenes the constitution.
“It makes accessing social media platforms a preserve of only the economically empowered and circumscribes social media use and access,”says the petitioners.
“The tax suffocates internet based or enabled businesses,budding entreprenuers,job searching,talent promotion,creativity and innovation which is an infringment and contravention of economic rights guaranteed by the constitution.”
The group contends that the new tax limits access to social media and in turn violates the right to freedom of expression,public participation ,political mobilization,peaceful assembly and unarmed demonstration.
They also contend that the new tax limits access to information and in turn contravenes the constitution.
The group in their petition say the new tax economically complicates and strangulates the online enjoyment of fundamental human rights that are not not hindered offline.
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