Congs!!!: Hon Betty Namboze Cleared To Fly Out For Further treatment

Mukono Member of Parliament Hon Nambooze who has been under police guard at Kiruddu hospital in Kampala since she fell ill while in detention in Nagalama police station over honorable Ibrahim’s Abiriga death Video , had requested to be allowed to seek further medical attention as her health deteriorates.

Medical reports indicate that ” The scanners discovered that one of the nails holding the in plants dislodged and it is sitting on the central nerve which makes my lower body hopeless. That is why I hurried to call in priests as a catholic to give me prayers and to prepare my self because my situation is not good and it should not surprise anybody when God calls me now. I am here, no body can treat me and the hospital I was brought to is for people with burns and kidney problems. When am not well, my doctors call the doctor in Mulago which at times take two days to come.”

Nambooze argued that as a member of parliament, she is supposed to have an opinion on issues that concern with the national security maintaining that her arrest is totally political

Sources finally have revealed that the right honorable has been fully cleared to fly out for further treatment.

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