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As controversial stories involving Daddy Andre and five females pinning him to attempting Sexual Harassment on them keeps going on the Producer  has come out and defended his decision to have a bedroom next to his music studio.

Nadia Rania, an upcoming singer blew the whistle with accusations that Andre Ojambo a.k.a Daddy Andre begged to have sex with her numerous times whenever she went to record a song at his studio.

Four other women, one based in Belgium, have since arose to accuse Daddy Andre of touching them inappropriately during studio sessions. One of them claims he pushed her onto his bed when she tried to stop him.

All of them have pointed out that he has a bedroom next to his studio and he always corners girls there whenever they come to the studio.

While speaking to BBS TV’s Jaxta Jonathan, Daddy Andre confirmed that he indeed has a bed in the room next to his home studio. He revealed that music comes with a vibe and hence the reason why he chose to put his studio at his home.

He, however, explained that only those he regards as close friends are allowed to go to the studio at his home as others are taken to other studios away from his home.

He further maintained that he has all the rights to organize his home the way he feels most comfortable because it is his home.

I have a home studio but I work at other studios which are away from home. The only people I let come to the home studio are my friends like Grenade and (Lydia) Jazmine.

I have the right to do whatever I want at my home. Production sometimes comes with a vibe, plus my studio is very separated from my bedroom. Nonetheless, it’s my home and it’s my bed. – Andre Says

Daddy Andre further noted that the wave has been stirred by young females who yearn for quick fame especially the girl from Kasese who accused him of begging her for sex.

Whenever something is awakened, there are always people who are idle and they just jump onto it. I worked with that woman from Kasese longtime ago. I did her song and sent it to a producer based in Kasese called Aqsam for final touches because she was coming from very far. Usually, to produce something worthwhile, I give time to my projects. I think when she saw that Nadia was accusing me, she also jumped onto the wave. –  Andre Adds

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