Designer behind Rema’s lighting gown speaks out, reveals magical price and worth

During vocalist, Rema Namakula’s introduction ceremony with her husband Dr. Ssebunya Hamza, one of the most golamorous moments was when she came out dressed in a glowing/lighting Led gown/dress that her designer Kaijuka Abbas has broken down for us.

Kaijuka Abbas is well known for designing so many celebrity outfits especially female musicians like Rema, Sheebah Karungi, Carol Nantongo and so many others but it looks like now his most successful one is the couture dress he made for Rema on her big day.

The lighting Cinderella ball gown shocked many and sent a waveof shock through social media when the lights in the room were switched off leaving it to glow and light up the room.

Watch the video below:

Abbas, the designer is also an Abryanz Style and Fashion (ASFAs) award winner and now he has revealed some details bout this marvelous dress. Some people were wondering how Rema could move around with UMEME on her body but Kaijuka revealed that they were simply lights in the dress had inbuilt batteries.

“They were lights with inbuilt batteries. I wouldn’t want to say the price but it was worth more than Ugx. 5 million.” Abbas revealed.

Kaijuka also made Dr. Hamza’s outfits and Rema’s blue Nigerian attires and he revealed that they had been working on the attires for three months.

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