DPC Mohammed Kirumira Leaks Kale Kayihura’s Secrets & Deals With Bryan White

Since the arrest of former Police Chief Kale Kayihura it seems like Afande Kirumira has turned his guns to socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White. Kirumira says that Bryan White must be re-arrested for illegal possession of a gun that had earlier used in the shooting of one Victor Bitwire at his neighborhood few months back.

Kirumira alleges that the gun Bryan White used to shoot Victor Bitwire a few months back was smuggled into the country according to the findings by the DPP.


The socialite was however released after few days behind the coolers, thanks to Kayihura’s assistance.

Kirumira links Bryan White’s activities to the embattled former Police chief whose allies are being arrested one by one.

Bryan White has been called many things like a spy, drug dealer, and a conman among other names.

A few days ago, Bryan White dragged Facebook blogger, Ashburg Katto to police for calling him a drug dealer, which he disputes. He claims Ashburg has been tarnishing his name for a long time. But what is so intriguing is that Bryan White has no known source of income or a job.

Listen : Audio Recording Explaining about the Links between Kayihura and Bryan white – Click Here

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