Eddy Kenzo Blasts Bosco:”Those who called us Ghetto people ‘bayaye’ (thugs) are now wondering,Gives Energetic Performance”

Edirisa Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo has called upon the many Ugandans who attended the Kyarenga concert today not to fear speaking and talking about people power.

During his performance at Busaabala during the Kyarenga Concert, Kenzo said that people power means togetherness and honourable Kuagulanyi is on the right track.

“Even if I die now, I have seen people together, this is the way to go and whenever people say people power it means together and this has been shown today, I know now those who called the Ghetto people ‘bayaye’ (thugs) are wondering, just go on showing love to the man himself, every thing will change, the power is in you,” Kenzo said.

Along his performance Kenzo was fueled by the crowd that kept chanting “People Power”, “Tugambile ku Bosco” Slogans all the time which kept his energy arise leaving the fans yearning for more of his performance.


Kenzo added that he one time failed to sleep when he saw the man who brought him into the limelight and now loved by many Ugandans, sleeping on the floor after being beaten and arrested. He added that on that night, he woke up and entered the studio and did a song titled “biwoobe” which he sampled to the people who attended the concert. Kenzo promised to go on supporting Bobi Wine no matter what as a sign of togetherness.

“They always called us ‘bayaye’ who cannot even make decisions. You have shown the other side that you are different, please don’t even get involved in any fight, we have to show them that we are soo different, let’s show and practice democracy,” Kenzo told revelers.

The show was attended by a number of politicians who included Mukasa Mbidde, Sempala Kigozi, Ssajjalyabeene, Ssewungu among others.


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