Entebbe International Airport Personnel In Heavy Plane Hijack Drills

Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is Wednesday morning conducting a drill at the Entebbe International Airport to test its preparedness to handle a plane hijack situation.

CAA announced that the airport would be undergoing the “emergency exercise to test for the Airport’s readiness in case of an emergency involving an ‘aircraft hijack.”

Mr Vienne Luggya, the CAA spokesperson told us the exercise is being conducted by all concerned government agencies including the armed forces.

The drill comes just three days after a place hijack incident on a Dubai-bound plane.

A man, reportedly armed with a pistol attempted to hijack a Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ Boeing 737 last Sunday.

He was however killed when security forces stormed the plane after it made an emergencylanding in Chittagong.

Reports suggested that the suspect may have been mentally ill and had demanded to speak with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who was visiting the coastal city of Chittagong.

Entebbe Airport last had a full scale emergency drill in July 2016, in which it tested its ability to handle a plane crash incident.

The drill entailed a mock-up of an accident in which a “Red Squirrel Airlines” (not real name) plane with 180 people on board crashed and caught fire while landing.

The exercise assumed that some people lost their lives and a number of survivors were critically injured, sparking off an emergency situation in which fire fighters and all the other rescue agencies swung into action to save lives.

Such exercises are a requirement for all international airports by the International Civil AviationOrganisation (ICAO).

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