Exclusive: Apac Member Of Parliament Elect Could Head To Prison Than Parliament

After being elected as the Member of Parliament for Apac Municipality in Northern Uganda, Former Centenary Bank Employee Patrick Ocan’ could head to prison instead of parliament.

The Little Known Patrick Ocan, who stood on the UPC ticket overtook his competitors in a landslide victory, but he could be headed to prison instead of parliament.

While we witnessed massive gatherings of his supporters carriying him shoulder high and the media gave him coverage, his former employees at Centenary Bank were taking note, for he is the man they have been looking for 12 years now.

Accordingly, Ocan went missing following an embezzlement case at the bank branch in Nakivubo where he was attached. The bank claims that Ocan then failed to account for Shs 25m missing in the treasury.

Ocan then after interrogation had claimed he was duped in a fake dollar scam. He was consequently dragged to court but he disappeared. The case would later stall after several arrest warrants from Buganda Road Court failed to reach Ocan. In the end his file was closed and case shelved, only for him to show up in victory celebrations as Apac MP.

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