Exclusive: “Here Is Why Ugandans Are Referring To Their President,Mr Museveni As Mr. Bosco?”

Growing up can be fun, am told,,” what you did will be done to you.” My father would say.

We back during my high school time, my gangster and I would refer to our parents with all kinds of funny names, the most interesting line was, ” nze kanzadde boyi wange ali fala, tabijuwa” literally meaning, “My old man can’t grasp this, it’s out of his league.”

Sometime back me and the old man had a time together and he kept bringing back my childhood memories, he reminded me of how I could fown sickness and trips in order to pick money from him.

I will be straight here, most of the time, I thought he was a fala! Yet he knew it all.

I am privileged to have children. They are interesting to hear them think they are fooling me with there “well planned” demands. The youngest of them has the audacity to call me, “Dad fala”


This new netizens title to his Excellency the President as Bosco Katala just reminded me of this.

Catch Video Here

Let the humor go on!

Credit:Facebook group ,PEOPLE POWER


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