Exclusive: “Jose Chameleone at war with Balaam over Saba Saba Money”

Whoever started the idea of making money has put the human race into trouble.Man made money but money made man run mad.


Just after the concluded Legendary Saba Saba Concert,popular events promoter Balaam Barugahara who signed singer Jose Chameleone for a period of ten years seems to be poping cigars in the backrrom with his artist Jose Chameleone. In this period, its well known that only him is obliged to organize all Chameleone’s annual album launches.


However, with a few years to 2021 when the contract  will expire, Jose Chameleone is not happy and wants to terminate the contract.


According to sources, Jose Chameleone believes that Balaam makes so much money from him yet he takes pocket change.


“Balaam is mean,he never adds Chameleone money yet each year he progresses,” a source revealed.

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