Exclusive :”Kapeeka Residents who went to meet Museveni at State House beaten up and arrested by security officials “

One person succumbed to injuries after a group of residents from Kapeeka, Luweero that had been invited to visit President Museveni at Entebbe State House failed to meet him, only to encounter security attached to Entebbe Police, who roughed them up.

The group led by a one Joel Mulawa claim that on October 29, while President Museveni visited Kapeeka to launch a ceramics company dubbed Good Will, he rendered an official invite to the team of 178.

The group, most of them elderly, would then organise and make the journey to Kampala, only to crush into the security wall and getting stuck for days.

Mulawa says that on one of the occasions when they appeared at State House, they were tear gassed, while some of their colleagues beaten up and detained. In the process, one of them; Salongo Tebyenkya Chris, a veteran, succumbed to injuries in hospital.

“We were invited by the president, when we reached Entebbe we were tear gassed, arrested detained.” Mulawa said.

Lule Njere, aged 55, expected merry on coming to Kampala but here is nursing wounds and in excruciating plain.

“At the last visit we were beaten, my arm broken, and detained at Entebbe police.”

85-year- old, Vandicta Kobushinge Bakainaga says he has resorted to street begging for survival, because they are stranded with no resources to take them back.

“We don’t even have transport back to Kapeeka, we have to beg to survive.”

Expressing Skepticism about the alleged beatings by security team in Entebbe, Don Wanyama the Senior presidential press secretary confirmed he knew about the team and that their issues are being handled.

“Their issues were handled, they held a meeting with the team this was documented and just yesterday, a report was given to the president desks he will go through it and respond accordingly.”

While the victims pin Entebbe police officials to have effected the beatings and arrests, we could not get the accused as their official lines went unanswered.

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