Exclusive:”Army Brutality Victim Kalisa Ismail Speaks Out In Hospital”

Two days back on the early afternoon of Thursday as we witnessed the welcoming of Renowned politician and Kyandodo East Legislator Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Alot happened on this fateful day but among as an editor i was attacked by  a feeling of inhumanity among the army officers who were just running over every one whom was standing around the roads to see Bobi Wine come home.

In one of the incidents the army officers roughly and  deadly attack one man who was hiding under a table and seriously beat him with no mercy till he was later helped by one of the Press personnel who felt sympathy for the Kalisa Ismail.we note that the army officers attack these people in there own shops or residences, as we cite the victim in this post trying to move way from the scene while trying to put on his Muslim cape but these officers just beat him up intentionally.

Through our attempts to access the victim at the hospital reliable sources have only been able to hear him say this hurting and sorrowful words”I am a sick and poor Man
I can’t go to court, i have no strength to even walk or money to get a lawyer. am just waiting for my God to take me to a better place..”


In his situation its really un-accommodating , he wasn’t causing any trouble he was just an on looker interested in seeing Bobi Wine pass through while heading home.

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