Exclusive:”Bad Black Cons Ugx 400M from another Mzungu pensioner”

Controversial socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is pregnant with her third child from a Mzungu pensioner and our spies reveal that she has since managed to harvest Shs400m from the man responsible.

Bad Black

The go-getter made this astounding revelation in the videos she  posted recently on Instagram and Snapchat.  In one of the videos, Black is heard bragging about how she is a superstar in bed and that her bedroom skills have helped her hook very loaded men, unlike Ugandan babes who stick to Smart Wire guys who are broke.

In another video, the former convict brags about how she is pregnant  and that the Mzungu who ballooned her has already wired Shs400m on her account,  which will help her with antenatal care, labour and upkeep.However insider at Blacks’s compound have indicated that the go getter just defrauded the Mzungu by lieng to him to be the father of the pregnancy yet the real father is said to one Ugandan silent socialite by the names of “Casks” , usual money spender at Fame Lounge in Kololo.


Black shamelessly assures whoever cares to watch and listen to her video that she is a professional  ‘seller’ and that she hasn’t made losses ever since she started selling her goodies to whoever is interested.

However,  if her word is anything to go by, this will be Black’s third child with a Muzungu pensioner, although every kid has their own father


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