Exclusive:”Bryan White To face Imprisonment over unregistered Motor Vehicle Convoy”


What went wrong with law enforcement in Uganda?

I have been watching a video online of Brian White driving through town with a convoy of over 10 high end cars.

The gentlemen had a lead car similar to police vvip cars with a siren to clear the way for him, this is abuse of the siren and the road, Brian White has no right of way under the Road Safety Act, I am wondering what happens if he meets a person like me driving the same direction, will he order his people to shoot at me if I don’t respect his demands to give way?

Secondly all his vehicles are numberless, this is not only broad day abuse of the road safety act but a show of disrespect for the rule of law in Uganda. All vehicles on the road must have number plates including those of security operatives and the President.

What happens if any of these vehicles is involved in an accident? Can you process any complaint in courts of law in Uganda without a vehicle license plate of the cars involved? Can you claim any insurance if you are injured by any of these cars.

watch video here 


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Posted by Bryan White on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Those in charge of maintaining law and order in Uganda should better wake up otherwise we are planting seeds that will cause serious problems in the near future.

I have provided evidence here enough to even prosecute this boy for abuse of the law under a serious justice system.


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