Exclusive:”Frank Gashumba Spills Shocking Secrets about Museveni’s Regime,Plans against Bobi Wine”

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The price of a struggle in system that holds many captives is huge!

When Nadduli spoke many of you called him names, but you and I must understand one thing; they can do anything with their guns to frustrate you, to make you broke, and to break your spirit! When you come in this struggle, you must understand that they can even house arrest you for long! Yes, the struggle has its own prices and In order to remain resolute you will have to pay them.

Not long ago, they froze all the bank accounts that had my name in this country. Why? They believed that the organization I work for was organizing an uprising and also was giving Dr. Kizza Besigye money. To some of us that have struggled for almost our entire life we know how brutal they can get to remain in power.

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Mark General Tumwine’s words in Parliament Mark them, they are key to understanding what they will do!

Mr Museveni will not leave you to interact with the people as you continue telling them that he has to leave power, he loves power and does everything in his power to protect it from anyone everyday.

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FDC was stopped from holding rallies in Western Uganda for a reason, we should have known how far he can go on Bobi if he could ban a registered Party from mobilizing citizens.

Can he stop Bobi Wine’s concerts? Yes he can! Can he make him broke? Yes he can even slap taxes to just frustrate him, ask Wavamuno! Remember Greenland Bank? Where is it? It was owned by our Party Chairman Suleiman Kiggundu (RIP). Can they make you broke like Nadduli said? yes they can! In choosing to join the struggle you must weigh through what they can do! Why? Because this struggle is not a joke but full time job for fearless and yet strong men and women!

Nelson Mandela (RIP) spent his entire life wrestling, and struggling with a system well entrenched yet brutal, yes we might only know of only 27 years of his prison life, but he was trapped in a system that enslaved him as a young boy and his dream was to become a lawyer and fight for the powerless. But in the very end he paid with his life, he lost his family, friends and luxuries of life!

Our people are made in such a way that they will quarrel online but won’t even visit you when you are locked up; instead they will now shift the blame on you and say how you have failed. I have seen and heard people say how Dr Kizza Besigye has failed and those who say it have not faced the wrath of this regime at all!

I have always said this struggle will not be won by your Rambo. This struggle needs as many Kizza Besigyes, Ingrids, Stellas, Amuriats, Kyagulanyis in thousands! This struggle is not a movie that the few act and the majority enjoy in the audience! If that is how Ugandans take this struggle, then we should give up and do other things!

We are captives in a very big prison and very powerless in it!

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