Exclusive”I am Broken But Not Changed,Hon Zake Writes Open Letter Ahead of Return Back Home”

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Friends, Foes and frenemies, it has been long since we last communicated. I must profoundly aver that life has not been easy especially in the period between now and the 13th day of August, 2018 when we were attacked by miscreant beings from SFC.

These guys battered me excessively to the extent that my body could no longer feel the pain, I think that after failing to kill me during the “Togikwatako” Saga, they thought that another opportunity had presented itself to them to completely eliminate me. Well, let’s say they had eliminated me. God forbid! Would that stop the incessant killings in Uganda or it would improve on the health care services in HCs? Would it in anyway construct standard roads or it would arrest the escalating pecuniary difficulties amongst the plebs in Uganda? Kindly enlighten us whether it would solve the conundrum of Corruption, nepotism and sectarianism in our Country? Would that really solve the unresolved Land problem in Uganda? If the answer to any of the above questions is no, then, God will erect many youths reading from the same script as myself, trust me the late Cerinah Nebanda was brutally murdered, aren’t we here!.

Last year, when I had just come back from overseas to seek medical treatment, I recollect making statements as to who has authentication to take away my life and I wish to reecho the same. It is only God who has capacity to end my life at His will because he authored it and for the same reason, I am grateful to God that I am now feeling better, no migraines, less pain in the neck and for the scars on my hands, back and other body parts, I shall live with them.

It is a public secret that, the Health workers that handled my case in Lubaga Hospital were intimidated by the state during and after my stay in the Hospital but you guys braved the storm and you have never relented. In New Delhi, through Ugandan Embassy the state of Uganda has attempted to conspire so that my medical documents are given to them but professional ethics that these medical workers exhibit, made their efforts futile.

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The other issue prudent for all to know is that, foreign chemical substances were detected in my body system, perhaps slow killer poison but luckily enough the specialists managed the situation early through general body cleansing and gladly they declared that I am out of danger now and that I can completely heal from home an idea which was highly welcomed because this red pepper can really be boring but most importantly, I miss home and on Thursday 11/10/2018 at exactly Midday, I will be back home, as of now I am just waiting for a fit to flight document.

The major challenge that befalls me as of now is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder comingled with Panic attacks on memory of the events stretching way back from 27/09/2017 during the Togikwatako Saga and lack of balance while walking, I must support myself to walk which I am told can stop after continued Physiotherapy sessions

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I take this opportunity to commiserate with those families that lost their beloved ones during demonstrations all over the Country demanding for our freedom, in Mityana Municipality alone many People died at hands of the Police which is meant to protect life and property but in lieu resorted to killing innocent and unarmed civilians. That was so unfortunate!

There has been a lot of propaganda framing People Power as a violent group,that is not true, we are non-violent, we follow the principle of Mahatma Gandhi that an eye for an eyes leaves the whole world blind. We can never be violent and we have always advised our followers never to be and I want to iterate and reiterate here that People Power is never violent and also our People aren’t violent. We are just seeking transfer of power to a generation that will address the current constitutional crisis that befalls the Country but peacefully. I therefore call upon our People to be peaceful, we must show good conduct that distinguishes us from them.

Lastly and important, I wish to thank AAR Insurance for meeting my medical bills both in Rubaga Hospital and Mannipal Hospital whose doctors have been so kind to us, I appreciate your professionalism.
Thank you the doctors and medical workers in general of Lubaga Hospital for handling my situation with great love and care. I am coming home this week and surely when I come back I will dispel the myths about my story in Arua disclosing what exactly happened

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