Exclusive:”Missing capsized boat survivor found hiding in Kawempe”

Eron Ndagire who happens to be one of the people who have been missing from the ill-fated MV Templar has been found hiding in Kawempe, a Kampala suburb.

Its reported that early this week, relatives to survivor Eron Ndagire reported to police of their missing daughter.

However the good news coming in indicates that her mother, Patricia Walujju, on Thursday morning  got a call from one of Ndagire’s relatives informing them that she was still alive.

“A friend called us saying she was still alive and was hiding in Kawempe,”Walujju said while speaking to our reporter.

Names of missing persons from boat accident

Its anticipated that  Ndagire went into hiding for fear of repercussions from the fateful incident.
Ndagire’s mother said that after hearing announcements about her disappearance,her missing daughter asked friends to call her.

Meanwhile, police has said they are still looking for one Jaffery Munyaha hailing from Butaleja whose mobile phone was recovered from water at the accident scene but his whereabouts are not yet known


Mother Narrates how Daughter Survived
According to her mother, Ndagire allegedly jumped off the ill-fated MV Templar together with friends and got another boat after realizing the boat had technical issues.

It is also reported that in reaching KK beach in Ggaba, Ndagire and friends were informed that the boat they had been on had capsized.

When contacted for a comment,the police spokesperson in charge of the operation, Zurah Ganyana said they had not been informed of Ndagire’s appearance.

“They logged a complaint with us but have never come to report that she was found. Not until they report to us,we shall continue taking her as missing.”


Property so far recovered.


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