News coming in confirms that deported Rwandan national Annie Tabula Bilenge was specifically deployed in MTN Uganda to collect communications data for Kagame’s network. She was also running the mobile money distribution channel for facilitating hit-men and other operatives.

Who is Annie? Annie was born in DRC but is an ethnic Munyarwanda who got married to a senior Rwandan Intelligence officer called Ibambasi Christian. Ibambasi Christian now disguises as a pastor and runs intelligence operations in churches, in fact he was the one who reported to Rwandan first lady that churches were no longer supporting Kagame leading to Kagame closing over 700 churches.

The truth is that he was fighting competition and used his connection to the Rwandan first lady’s foundation called IMBUTO to submit wrong intelligence about other churches.

For those not familiar with IMBUTO foundation, its supposed to be a charity foundation but it’s an intelligence organisation run by Rwandan of Burundi descent who are organised around Janet Kagame.

IMBUTO trains beautiful Rwandan girls and deploys them in Kampala universities,bars, hotels etc.


Currently the Rwandans who returned from Burundi are the most powerful and deadly in Kigali due to the thigh power of Janet Kagame.

Annie Tabula’s brothers in law include Lt Col Migabo Callixte who is the Head of Operations of the Republican Guard and his brother Lt Col Augustin Migabo who is responsible for assassins that butcher Rwandans every day.

Below is a picture of Annie with his Intelligence husband at the hotel where Patrick Kalegeya was Killed in South Africa.

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