Exclusive:”Norbert Mao Teaches Bebe Cool How to Debate While Appearing On NBS Frontline”

Last evening while appearing on NBS TV weekly show dubbed NBS front line DP president Norbert Mao had a good night as he was always involved in trying to teach and tell musician Bebe Cool how politics is handled.

Take a look at the debate

BebeCool: How can I coexist with Bobi Wine when I’ve already been judged?

Hon. Mao: You need to be advised on how to represent your situation better. The way you’re speaking leaves us with an impression that you’re caught in the cobweb of Museveni’s patronage. What we’re saying is there’s nothing wrong with you benefiting from the patronage. Careless and reckless comments have left BebeCool in this situation. A case, for example, the comments BebeCool made about Bobi Wine’s shoes was insensitive in my view. I’ve listened to your music, I once came to your show when I was very young.

Hon. Mao: We don’t want to remember that a musician was upset that another musician didn’t join them to promote the president. Everybody should be equal, being a musician is a passion. I don’t think you should be too consumed with these fights. Let time sort out these things.

BebeCool: And don’t judge me and my president

Mao: But he’s not only your president and one day he’ll discard you like he has done to many before, at least Kyagulanyi has an oath.


BebeCool: I hope you’re not excluding me from the conversation of the matters in parliament…

Hon. Mao: In this debate of parliamentary rules, you’re representing ‘omuntu wabuligyo’.

Mao: He’s acquitted himself very well, everybody now knows where Bebecool stands, you’ve cleared up all the doubt.

Bebe Cool: I think politicians in Uganda need to forego politics for the good of this country. Rules sometimes must be bent for the good of a country.

That’s the little our reporter could get but we are hopeful that we are going to publish the complete debate for all the front line night debate.


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