Exclusive:”Phone Call Recording Of Ugandan Journalist Tapped By Rwanda Gov’t,Proves State House Call Tapping Allegations and Infiltration Of The System

A Kampala cynic last week said he tapped an angry telephone conversation between two regional public officials –Kampala government spokesman Ofwono Opondo popularly known as OO –blasting an unnamed official in Kigali.

“You are envious of the freedom Ugandans enjoy; in Kampala you can abuse Museveni and freely return home without fearing arrest.”

“That’s no big deal,” OO’s Kigali counterpart responded calmly. “Even in Kigali you can abuse Museveni and freely return home without fearing arrest.”

This summarizes the different public relations management styles between Kampala and Kigali. Kampala’s is relaxed and more open while Kigali’s is tactful with quick defences at the fingertips of officials. But how much longer the two styles will remain is now the question.

Ugandan officials are getting more guarded with their reactions. First Deputy Prime Minister General Moses Ali bluntly told parliament that while the government of course knows what is going on between Kigali and Kampala, the public should not expect to be told what it is. Even OO is no longer quick with his barbs – except when shooting at Uganda’s opposition politicians.

Even Rwanda’s approach is changing. The usual smart comebacks were missing when they denied closing the border, blaming construction works, while in the same breath advising Rwandans not to enter Uganda saying they risked arrest and torture by Kampala.

Rwanda Taps Uganda Phone Calls

Boom!!!!  as denials continue to source in time over time this takes us back to the past months when the MTN Uganda  top managerial staff, chief executive officer, Belgium’s Wim Vanhelleputte,Italy’s Musolini and Rwanda’s Aniie Tabura were deported to their respective countries of origin for allegedly conspiring with other workers to record and trade phone conversations of high ranking government officials and security chiefs.

According to a reliable source in security, intelligence operatives kept a keen eye on Vanhelleputte before he was deported and even had his phones tapped immediately after the first three employees were deported.

The operatives were able to discover that Vanhelleputte kept in constant communication with the three staff members even after they were deported. He was also alleged to have been speaking to MTN group top management on their behalf.

It is also alleged that when Internal Security Organisation (ISO) operatives raided the MTN data center at Mutundwe last year, they discovered that MTN was tapping phones of ministers, security chiefs and State House giving proof to an audio phone recording published by Rwanda’s state owned news paper called The New Times.

Over the past week the New Times published an article allegedly pinning the Uganda’s state owned New Vision of cooperating with Rwandan dissidents to blackmail Rwanda.This points directly to an interview Between President Paul Kagame’s Canadian based critic David Himbara and the New Vision Journalist.


“In fact, there is more in the interview than was published, but the fact that it was conducted by Charles Etukuri who is known to be linked to Ugandan intelligence services, speaks volumes. RNC has found the perfect vessel to pass its propaganda and the vessel is just too willing to play along” New Times quotes.

“It obvious from the recordings that the journalist was asking leading questions to get the intended answers, Sometimes it was Himbara controlling the flow of the conversation, even suggesting to the newspaper to interview the wives of people allegedly kidnapped by Rwandan authorities. To what end?”Rwanda’s daily retaliates

But to properly link the dots,where does Rwanda government get access to the phone recordings of Ugandans if they still deny that they don’t have a hand in destabilizing Uganda’s security and affairs?.


If there were any doubts remaining that Ugandan government agencies are deeply enmeshed with the dissident group, Rwanda National Congress (RNC) and pro-Kagame actors then it is time to discard them.

As said earlier, anything we have written within these pages regarding the current problems with Uganda have been accompanied by hard evidence; and they are not in short supply.





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