Exclusive:”Uganda Police Issues Strict Guidelines To Boat & Beach Owners”

Uganda police has Monday issued strict guidelines to boat, beach and other lake water users in order to deter similar incidents in the future.This guidelines take effect after last week’s fateful boat cruise accident on Lake Victoria in which 33 people perished,

Police spokesperson SSP Emilian Kayima while addressing the press at central police station in Kampala said all stakeholders and business persons must follow the new guidelines in order not to face closure.

1.All beach owners have been ordered to ensure that their premises are secured using fences to deter wrong elements and criminals from accessing the beaches.

2.Beach managers are also to recruit and train emergency lifesaving teams who can help revelers in case of accidents. They are also to register all persons who get on boat cruises.

3.In addition to creating a well-lit environment at the beaches, revelers will not be allowed to access the lakes beyond 6:00pm, a few to mention , full list of the guidelines are yet to be published by the Uganda police Force.

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