Eyalama Noi Noi:”Museveni delivers over 40 vehicles to Teso King Emorimor Papa Iteso Augustine Osuban Lemukol & ICU Leaders”

Through his office President Yoweri Museveni has finally fulfilled his pledge by delivering a fleet of over 40 vehicles to Teso King Emorimor Papa Iteso Augustine Osuban Lemukol , religious, cultural and individual groups.

The President in the main helm fulfilled his pledges for transportation to the Iteso Cultural Union and the Emorimor Papa Iteso Augustine Osuban Lemukol and the Karamoja region Khadhi Sheik Isa Keli Pedo.

The vehicle for Emorimor was delivered by the State House transport officer Mr. Joseph Mukasa and was received by Hon. Agunyu Akiror Agnes, Minister for Teso Affairs. She was accompanied by the Chairman Teso Parliamentary Group, Hon. Okabe Patrick, MP Tororo South Hon. Angua Fredrick, the Prime Minister of Iteso Cultura Union Papa Ekiringi Emolot Sande and Minister of international Relations/Diaspora Ekapu Otekat.


The Minister thanked Museveni for fulfilling his pledge to ease transportation for the Institution of the Emorimor.

Another vehicle was presented to the Khadi of Karamoja Region, based in Moroto Sheik Isa Keli Pedo to ease his work in the Karamoja Region.

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