Faridah Nakazibwe: I Didn’t Know Luganda But I Embarked On Amission

One of the time’s celebrated news anchors around the country who stands out to be one of the best at her career Faridah Nakazibwe .However being arguably one of the best Luganda TV presenters in the land.

Nakazibwe happens to be employed at  NTV  but Suprisingly, Nakazibwe says she didn’t know Luganda when she had just walked out of University. She says she went to NTV hoping she would perform her trade in the Queen’s language only to be offered a job as the Luganda News anchor.



“By then, I knew only street Luganda, but with the support of my editors, I embarked on a mission to learn. I was trusted with anchoring news and had to learn on the job,” says Nakazibwe.


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