FDC members in West Nile demand representation on CEC

Forum for Democratic Change FDC supporters in West Nile have demanded for inclusion on the Central Executive Committee- CEC of the party.

The concerns were raised by FDC Delegates from Koboko, Maracha and Arua during a meeting in Arua town on Tuesday.  The meeting was attended by FDC Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

Over 150 delegates from the three districts expressed bitterness over failure by the party to appoint people from W. Nile on CEC since the party was formed in 2001.

Swaleh Buga a member of Arua FDC executive said members from the region should be represented on CEC because the party has enjoyed support in the region since 2001.

“The national positions in the FDC have been given to all the regions including Acholi and W. Nile has been left out over the years,” said Buga.

Martha Tiko, a member of the FDC national Elders’ Forum said there is need to reignite the unity in FDC through fair sharing of the available positions.

Eric Chandiga, the FDC national youth representative called on the elders in the party to groom the youth to take up positions in the party.

“You the elderly leaders should pull the hands of the youth to take up leadership positions in the party instead of leaving them to move to other parties,” Chandiga said.

The members also demanded for a policy to manage defectors from FDC and proposed that the policy of 5 years for a flag bearer for the position of an MP be amended to cease after elections and in case of a by-election, a new flag bearer be chosen.

Amuriat appreciated the party support in the region but says that the supporters should first concentrate on winning elections and removing President Museveni from power and wait for rewards of their work.

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