Fille and Hubby MC Kats Agree To Meet And Resolve Issues

Musician Fille Mutoni has accepted to meet Douglas Lwanga over her relationship with Mc Kats.


Douglas is a friend of Mc Kats, and Fille.


He recently took to social media and said he had been reaching out to Fille asking for meeting but his calls bore no fruits. He mentioned that things were getting ugly between former loverbirds. This he said in the light of an incident that happened at Vegas bar in Mpererwe where Mc Kats attacked Fille and pulled the microphone from her while she was performing.


Although she is linked to another guy, Fille said in  an interview that she was willing to pardon Mc Kats if he changed his ways. Kats has also expressed his undying love for the artiste.


“Fille hid to Douglas Lwanga’s advice. She agreed to have a meeting with MC Kats. The things to be discussed is how to stop all the drama and counter accusations going on, Protect their little girl from public shame and raise the girl together. The close source emphasized that all they want now is to stop the war and raise their children. Getting back romantically is up to them.” a close sources reveal.

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