Fishermen fight for fishing net bought by Bryan White to retrieve dead bodies


As the lake Victoria Boat Cruise accident has shoved the question of safety, a group of fishermen who were part of the rescue mission  at Mutima beach are fighting over a net bought by  city socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White.

After the fateful news of the boat accident , Bryan White stopped his tiresome charity obligations and ran to the rescue of the survivors and retrieval of the dead bodies that were trapped in the deep waters. It is at the time that he bought a net used to specifically retrieve bodies.

“Bryan White bought that net and it remained here,” one of them confirmed.

“That net can do many things; it can fish as well as retrieve bodies. If Bryan White bought it and left it, we want the net,” a fisherman anonymously said.

These claim that although the net cannot be used for fishing, they do not have money to buy fishing nets and yet the specific net bought by Bryan White would efficiently do the job.

“We have pleaded with them to give us the net but they have refused, they have instead called the army to come and take it. We are suffering and have nothing to feed our families, we need that net,” he added.

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