Former Tororo Mp Sanjay Tanna Leaks Secrets to TVO To Make Ends Meet!

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A veteran politician  and former Tororo Municipality MP Sanjay Tana who is also of Asian origin seems to be going through tough times, if the messages he is sending to some of his friends and constituents are anything to go by,

In an SMS sent to one of his closest friends that has leaked, the former MP who lost Tororo municipality seat to NRM’s Yeri Apollo Ofwono is aggressively requesting for financial bailout to sustain his pompous lifestyle in this current economic quagmire.

Many of his buddies are now wondering how a man who once boasted of variety business ventures in the city could have run so broke that he can now even reach out to a church mouse for a bailout!, our snoop eavesdropped a conversation at Sheraton lounge on Monday between two of his close buddies wondering.

“Can you imagine that he even ordered for an expensive vehicle sometime back but when the car arrived in the country and then the tax collectors slapped taxes on the vehicle, he went mute and tried to evade Doris Akol’s no-nonsense boys but they cornered him? He actually ran to Amama Mbabazi for bailout but the former Premier refused to help him,” the snoop eavesdropped on Monday at Sheraton lounge.

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“What is interesting these days is that this failed Ugandan Asian with political aspirations is trying to make himself relevant by using the Indian Community in Uganda to make his way through, but his name is not about to get clean as he was caught red-handed stealing ballot boxes in the last Parliamentary elections!! Can you imagine?,” he added.

Like Katongole Singh, disgraced Tanna has tainted the name of Ugandan Asians badly that even recently he sparked off tension and disagreements among the Indian community in Uganda over how to manage the visit of Indian premier Narendra Modi and the financial collections from the Indian community living in Uganda.

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Another source revealed that Tanna is choking on debts arising from financial commitments made in his constituency during 2016 elections.

For instance, he borrowed big sums of money from Kampala private money lenders at high interest rates using his huge parliamentary salary and Petro station along Jinja road opp.railway grounds as guarantee. But once he lost the election, his financial capabilities to pay back hit a 360 degree snag, forcing Petro (U) Ltd to dismiss his franchise. This has plunged the once wealthy and financially sound man into bottomless pits of indebtedness.

But like any other city born, Tanna is not seated; he has a grand plan for his come back. In this plan, Tanna has cut a fat deal with celebrated online anonymous  anti Gov’t critic only identified as TVO to trade in information only related to Indian community in Uganda at a fee! In this,Tanna convinced TVO in a social media private chat that he has all information about Indian community in Uganda who support the regime at night but pretend not to be with them during the day, and so TVO will have first-hand information to unleash to his dedicated social media following should the need arise to expose them since his cardinal role is to bring this regime to its sudden end, he should begin with those who support it.  “My TVO,I have been very close to every significant Indian in Uganda and have worked closely with most of them, I know, you will see,” Tanna assured TVO in a private social media chat.

Indeed, last week or so, the 1st testing story courtesy of Sanjay Tanna (reporting straight from Tororo) against one of his very own Ugandan of Indian origin came out on TVO’s platforms where he allegedly accused tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia of several claims.

In joining TVO who trades in information and pays hefty amounts of money in obtaining information, Tanna believes, this is his master piece grand plan to regain his financial muscle that he once enjoyed.  We’ve captured some of the stories for you here

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