Gen.Salim Saleh summoned over Asian Properties

The Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises has given Finance Minister, Matia Kasaija an ultimatum to produce the Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation, Gen Salim Saleh before the committee to explain his role in the activities of the Departed Asians properties Custodian Board.

Hon Kasaija was supposed to appear in the committee yesterday along with Gen Salim Saleh but Saleh was nowhere to be seen which prompted the MPs to ask why he had shunned the committee summons.

Gen Salim Saleh is a co-opted member of the custodian board where he served for a couple of years and later expressed interest to resign his position, this followed his repeated absence from actively participating in the board sittings.

Hon Kasaija was tasked by the legislators who were led by the committee Chairman, Ibrahim Kasozi to explain why they continued to retain Gen Saleh on the board even after he expressed a lack of interest in participating in the activities but Kasaija could not deliver a satisfactory answer to their repeated questions.

Having read this minute where gen Saleh wanted to be relived as board member co-opted don’t you think he has lost interest in the thing and denying other Ugandans an opportunity to serve what’s your take a chair.

Hon Kasaija in response to the minister noted that he could not provide an answer to the question relating to Saleh’s request because he didn’t know the reasons why he was not interested in the board activities.

“The question that has not been answered is whether I have not given the reasons why Saleh wanted to leave and I have told you members that I think the Chairman then could know better,” he asserted.

Nsereko also weighed in saying, “I think the best person to answer is Gen Saleh why he lost interest and that’s the main reason why he should be here instead of others answering for him, so the Minister should tell us why Saleh is not here.

After repeated questioning regarding the Saleh Issue, the committee Chairperson Ibrahim Kasozi then ruled on the matter telling the minister to make sure that he produces the General before the committee in the next meeting.

In his response, Hon Kasaija pledged to the committee that he will talk to the General in the next meeting, “I will do my job he is a senior citizen, I will look for him and I will ask him to come if he doesn’t come me I would have done my job, I will look for him even on phone.”

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