God’s Plan Attempts to Arrest Amanda, forces her to apologize for spilling Sheila Gashumba’s dirty secrets

Re-known city Slay Queen with Rwandese origin, Amanda has finally come out and apologized for everything she said about Sheila Gashumba being chewed by singer Grenade Official after God’s Plan took police to arrest her.

It should be remembered that Amanda came out and accused the former lovers of having sexual relations in her apartment despite Sheilah being in a serious relationship with Marcus Ali alias God’s Plan. She also accused God’s Plan of hitting Sheilah on different occasions in their relationship.

The rumor took media by storm and in the process, affected many people including the couple’s families. The huge effect the rumor brought on both their families forced the couple to take action by dragging Amanda to police. After the arrest warrant was issued, Amanda who was so afraid went into hiding.

She was so scared of being arrested that she issued an apology and posted it on her Snapchat. She admitted that what she said was not true and begged the couple to forgive her.

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