Hon Ibrahim Abirigas’s Mourners Go Violent, Destroy Chairs, Tents, Coffin,More

We are No Nonsense

Arua Youth yesterday went viral and violent after the arrival of Late Ibrahim Abiriga’s body in arua town .The angered youth went on to destroy the infrastructure that was set for the burial ceremony .Here are there own words
“We don’t want #NRM, Chairs arranged for the officials from Kampala Broken to pieces, Tents destroyed, Police Beaten, Journalists Scared away, Cameras broken and stolen… As mourners Shouted #Yellow_Kuu meaning we don’t want #Yellow… Are these mourners right??? Yes they are. #We_Dont_Want_Akamanyiro. You call #Serious_Killers #”Cowards Any yet you Nothing to the #Cowards yet they are taking innocent lives, Fellow Ugandans anybody who termed these #Killers as #Cowards are responsible for all the Lives lost because they can’t handle Cowards, They are the Cowards and Who are the Cowards?? The Killers”

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