How mobile money withdrawal led to arrest of suspects in NGO murder

Security operatives from both Police and the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on Sunday arrested the prime suspects in the kidnap and subsequent murder of Maria Nagirinya a few weeks ago.

On August 28, unidentified men grabbed driver Ronald Kitayimbwa and Nagirinya, a former employee of Community Integrated Development Initiative, an NGO from her gate in Busega Lungujja before their bodies were later found in Mukono.

On Monday, the Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga confirmed the arrest of the key suspects, including the man captured on CCTV camera driving Nagirinya’s vehicle.

“Based on intelligence, a raid was carried out in Nateete and arrested three prime suspects in a hideout including the man whom we saw in a red jacket driving Nagirinya’s vehicle,”Enanga said on Monday morning.

He also revealed that investigations had indicated that money from Nagirinya’s phone had been withdrawn.

This investigative website has learnt that after the kidnap and subsequent murder, investigators found out that shs500, 000 was removed from Nagirinya’s phone and this presented a chance to find out the person who had withdrawn the money.

The investigators were puzzled on how the money could be withdrawn after the death of the phone owner.

Meanwhile, detectives tracked the mobile money agent through which the money was withdrawn and this led them to one Nakkubulwa.

“She is a mobile money agent at Mabiito in Nateete and it is here where the suspects withdrew the money from,” a source privy to the investigations according to NBS Television.

It is from Nakkubulwa’s arrest on Friday that security personnel tracked the key suspects.

It is also said that security operatives asked the mobile money agent to call the key suspects whom she had claimed to be her clients who use her mobile money services on many occasions.

The Arrest

On Sunday night(11pm), after confirming the people they were looking for an operation led by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) raided Mabiito Club before firing bullets and later arrested two people including one Kasolo who had nicknamed himself as Arsenal and another one only identified as Baros.

As fate would have it, Arsenal was found donning a red jacket, one in which he was captured by the CCTV camera as he drove Nagirinya’s Toyota Spacio vehicle.

Meanwhile, after the arrest, the two suspects led security operatives to a hideout in Kitooro Zone in Rubaga Division where they arrested a third suspect who is believed to have been part of mission.

The Police spokesperson on Monday said detectives will now interrogate the six suspects who include two boda boda riders and a female to patch up pieces that would lead them to the entire pattern of the kidnap, transportation and murder of the duo from Lungujja in Kampala, to Mukono.


“We are trying to interrogate them to find out how they targeted Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa, kidnapped them and later dropped them to Mukono where they dropped bodies,” Enanga added.

Rationale for CCTV cameras

Having been kidnapped from Busega, in Lubaga division, CCTV footage showed Nagirinya’s vehicle had been driven through Bweyogerere and Kinawattaka on the eastern side of the city before ending up in Mukono where the bodies were dumped.

The photo circulated by police from their CCTV camera in which one of the suspects putting on jacket and driving Nagirinya’s vehicle was captured by the camera in Kinawattaka.

It is said that the abductors first killed Kitayimbwa whom they hit with a car jerk.

It is also said the kidnappers used Nagirinya’s vehicle to drive the dead bodies to Mukono where they dumped them, before driving back to Nateete where they abandoned the vehicle.

Family members recently said they called police to help them track the kidnappers using the CCTV cameras but they had not been helped.

This narrative was confirmed by President Museveni on Tuesday evening before ordering for the arrest, prosecution and later sacking of all the Police officers manning the CCTV command centre in Nateete for negligence.

“When she was kidnapped, the relatives, immediately, informed the Police of Kibumbiro Police post at Nateete, by about 00:43 hours. The officer there should have informed all the Police units and patrol cars and the camera centres about the type of car that had been hi-jacked. The cameras then would track that vehicle and those criminals would have been arrested or killed before they abandoned the car at Nateete, after dumping the bodies of the victims in Mukono,”Museveni said.

According to the President, the police officer at Kibumbiro police post in Busega told him(Museveni) that she tried to contact the 999 police patrol truck but the commander was not picking not until seven minutes later at 50 minutes past midnight.

“What is this- criminal negligence or collusion? Whatever it was, we are slowly moving forward. On account of the cameras and other technical means, we are now able to know who did not do his work. The Policemen in the camera centres were asleep, only waking up to “retrieve” pictures from the memory of the cameras.”

The furious Museveni said he cannot tolerate what he termed as rubbish from the police officers manning the CCTV command centre noting that they don’t deserve a place anywhere the facility.

He said one of their roles is to watch live feed from the CCTV cameras and relay the information to 999 patrol vehicles to act immediately.

“You are not only supposed to retrieve pictures that happened some hours ago. You are supposed to watch live and tell the patrol vehicles to act promptly. All these have been arrested. I have directed that all involved must be tried, sentenced, punished and dismissed from the Police. Moreover, they should never work in any government department ever, again.”


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