“I have Lived My Life, Let Him Live His” Bidandi speaks out on Bebe Cool’s friendship with Museveni

Mr. Jaberi Bidandi Ssali father to musician Moses Sali aka Bebe Cool has dismissed informtion that he is not is good relation with his son Bebe.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the daily Monitor, Mr. Bidandi says that there is no problem between him and the son(Bebe Cool).

He says his son’s involvement in politics is his personal decision which he can’t interfere with since  he is an old person.

The former People’s progressive party presidential candidate noted that even if his wife decided to go and campaign for Mr. Museveni or Besigye, there would still be no problem.


“I have lived my life and my children are living their own. I have got many and each one of them has decided to go his or her own way. At no time has anyone of them consulted me to say, ‘may I go this way or may I not go this way?’ And even if they tried [to consult] as some of them did, I said well, this is how I look at it but the decision is yours.” He stated.

Bebe Cool is much remembered for making a bold decision in 2011 general elections when he resolved to campaign for president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who was in the same race with the father, who intern lost miserably.

Credit :Daily Monitor


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