I ran out of my own house and I’m now being judged-Eddy Kenzo Speaks Out

Heart shattered Eddy Kenzo has revealed the untold story about his long cohabiting with Rema. She used to dry his tears until he ran away from his own house.

All this has come about after Sheikh Muzaata sent Kenzo to go and marry his mother since he wants a perfect woman. So now Kenzo who is in Colombia for a show has revealed how much unsettled he is.

Taking it to his social media, Eddy kenzo has written this letter that has set social media a blaze with people and fans of the “Tereera” singer trying to figure out what exactly might help bring their star back to his normal senses.

Read Eddy Kenzo’s letter below:

I’m a strong person naye waliwo ekisuuka banange simanyi oba i deserve all this naye nsaba munsonyiwe.

Nze Rema akimanyi bulungi every time i get a success or abig problem i always do cry singa maama abadewo nampa hug, she knows how much i do miss my mother, i was tortured when i was growing up i remember deep in the nite nga olusi ofunye woteka omutwe as akid nkuba nejja nga yamanyi. Remember fetwasula nga mumyala ngz awo ekidako okaaba oyita maama

I’m so sensitive when it comes to my mother because she wanted groom us in agood way so that nafe tuba ku same level as all of you, naye mukama yagera bwatyo i have been going through alot in this relationship naye nga siyina gwe nyinza kukabira olaba nziruka munyumba eyange jenasonda obusonzi kamu kamu that means natendewalirwa bwemba jenaraga safuna mukazi mulala mpaka kati jugdes think twice naye nagezako nga omusajja nvumidwa munyimba ebivumo nensirika when you listen to my songs luke Terera Tereza dont care siyina wenvuma because i respect.

Abya shk muzata okunvuma nyange binuma deeply i can’t sleep i can’t eat i don’t even know how I’m gona perform on this show in Colombia simanyi sanyu jerinava i don’t know

I’m not supposed to write on social media for now but my fans are my family if i don’t let it out nyinza okwabika

Nsaba Allah wenasobya ansonyiwe. I’m very sorry to all of you my friends i didn’t mean to disappoint you. I’m so sorry🙏” he concluded

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