“I was not the one who introduced Miss Curvy contest, I only joined to support them” – Minister Kiwanda

State Minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda on Wednesday at Parliament defended himself on the current miss curvy contest which has raised a lot of eye brows unto him, revealing that the controversial Miss Curvy contest was not his original plan.

The minister, while responding to criticism against the project told colleagues that he is not the originator of the idea and not a member of the implementing team but only decided to support the initiators.

“My participation at the launch of Miss Curvy should not be misinterpreted. I was not the one who introduced the contest but I only joined to support them,” said Kiwanda.

The youthful Minister stressed that his support was also triggered by the urge to appreciate beauty standards based on native cultural preferences.

“My focus was to support the beauty standard that is largely inclined to our native cultural preferences and not about using curvy women for tourist attraction. I have never said that and I will never even think about it,” stressed Kiwanda.

On Tuesday, the Budaka Woman MP, Pamela Kamugo, who is also chairperson of the powerful Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) stated that the contest targeting women with curves to promote tourism, is an affront against women dignity and positioning them as commodities.

Some women activists have already called for the resignation of Kiwanda for allegedly introducing the project.

Some MPs have however supported the miss curvy contest saying women blessed with flesh should also be recognized since the current beauty pageants only admit small sized women.

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