Identity Revealed:Politician Who owned 99.9% in Uganda Airlines?

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Monica Azuba Ntege, Uganda’s Minister of Works and Transport, a few weeksback moved to allay fears that the name of the national carrier had been patented by private individuals. The government there-hence in a blink of an eye claimed full ownership of the Uganda National Airline Company Ltd.

In documents to parliament, the minister said that the national carrier will have two million shares, with the Ministries of Finance and Works taking one million each.

“We have the return of allotment of shares; the number of shares allotted is two million, nominal amount of shares is Ush200 million [$53,830] and amount due on each share is Ush100 million [$26,900],” Ms Ntege said.

This prompted the presiding Speaker Jacob Oulanyah to ask when the new dates of allotment were effected.


Last updated: April 18, 2021 - 8:59 pm (+00:00)

“I want to thank the members of this House for having highlighted this (anomaly) and this has been rectified as of today (Wednesday),” Ms Ntege said.

The documents were the Notification of Appointment of Director and Secretary of the Company, the Certificate of Incorporation as well as the Memorandum of Association.


Last updated: April 18, 2021 - 8:59 pm (+00:00)

Keith Muhakanizi, Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, and his Works counterpart Waiswa Bageya are listed as company directors while Bisereko Kyomuhendo is the company secretary. Mr Muhakanizi and Mr Bageya were appointed directors in their official capacity as permanent secretaries.


Last updated: April 18, 2021 - 8:59 pm (+00:00)

The carrier, whose revival is expected soon, will operate under the name of Uganda National Airlines Company Ltd.

The House Budget Committee had questioned the minority government shareholding and raised fears that the national carrier risked being taken over by private players after a minority report presented to parliament indicated that the government will have only two shares in the national airline, leaving the 98 per cent to unknown beneficiaries.

But, acting on the pointer, the government rushed to have the changes and fresh incorporation made just hours ahead of the House sitting.

Who Owned the 99%

According to Next Media’s web portal the identity of the politician who owned and could still be owning the 99.9% of the revived Uganda airlines ,His identity relies on the following.

The politician is male. He is tall but not very tall. One of my impeccable sources described him as someone of “medium tall height”.

He is brown with tan of black on his shoulders. He has a long face but the cheeks are round.

He walks with a spring in his step and always spots a smile, even when he is angry.

He is quiet but shrewd. But when drunk, he easily becomes the loudest person in the room.

He wears well tailored suits from Oxford Street in London. An average suit on this street will set you back by £1200 (roughly Shs 5.8 million).

He dresses both formally and casually.

Of course he is an MP.

MP in this case means “Measured Person.” He does not just talk fwaa…

He is selective about the people he interacts with but once in a while, he lets loose and even talks to the common person (omuntu wa wansi).

He has loads of money. I mean a lot of it. That is precisely why he can own 99.9% in a national airline which is going to buy aeroplanes worth more than Shs 300 billion.

One time when the World Bank was dilly dallying whether to advance Uganda a “small loan” to build public toilets in the slum areas of Kampala, he offered to get government this money at no interest!

Unluckily for us, the World Bank boss softened a little and the politician withdrew his offer.

Another story is told of how he once took other Measured Persons outside Uganda to just have fun.

While at a five star hotel in this foreign country, he drowned them in fine whiskey.

When one of the MPs (Measured Persons) asked for a “take-away” for the night, the powerful MP promptly paid for the service.

“Keep the change,” he told the less powerful MP.

This person I am talking about owns an ATM machine at one of his residences. He does not want to suffer the embarrassment of running out of money, even for a second.

And when it comes to women…Ohh…he has limitless taste.

He likes them tall, short, big, fat, brown, black..

He likes women who wear Brazilian hair, short hair, braids or short locks… Ehh…he likes them all.


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